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Pen Pals in 2020

Posted by Victor Staff on September, 23, 2020

Socially Distanced

You’ve probably experienced a level of disconnection this year due to social distancing, mask wearing, and the challenges of living in quarantine. For most adults, this is a situation we can manage and cope with thanks to having the benefit of some perspective as well as established relationships with friends and family. However, for kids it can be a uniquely frustrating and isolating time.

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A Graduation Success Story at Victor

Posted by Victor Staff on September, 09, 2020

The work we do at Victor changes lives. We understand many businesses or organizations can say the same, but we actually see the proof in our client's success stories. 

For one of our Wraparound Program Clients at VTC Pomona, the last two years made the difference between a young woman becoming homeless or thriving in her foster home. 

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Using the Power of Moments at Victor

Posted by Victor Staff on August, 07, 2020

The foundation of our mission here at Victor is built in relationship, but being in a pandemic with limited to no social contact with our clients for the past 5 months can make you feel like those relationships are harder to maintain.

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7 Tips to Stay Connected and Productive While Working from Home

Posted by Victor Staff on July, 01, 2020

We're heading into summer and still working from home - but fear not! Find out the seven tips we have to help you stay productive and connected to your colleagues, while also being the best you can be for your clients, coworkers, and yourself.

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Supporting Your Teen's Mental Health This Summer

Posted by Victor Staff on June, 01, 2020

California's official stay at home order went into effect in March, almost three months ago. Only recently have parts of the state begun opening up for more regular day-to-day activity, which means social distancing measures will still continue for most of us. 

Kids from toddlers to teens need structure! The school year brought some of that for families and children, but what are kids to do when summer comes and they are stuck at home with no schedule?

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Topics: family services, Transitional Age Youth Services (TAY), foster care

We Have Our Adoption License!

Posted by Victor Staff on February, 26, 2020

We are excited to announce that we have received our Adoption License!

Adoption Services will be added to our already existing programs of Foster Care, Relative Home Assessment, and Mental Health Services. We can certify and service homes within 50 miles of our Pomona and Perris offices.

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Client Transformation Story

Posted by Victor Staff on October, 14, 2019

It's been just over a year since Ruby Carlos started working at Victor as a Bilingual Clinician. She recently had a breakthrough with a client that we just had to share with everyone. It's stories like these that keep us going, and doing the hard work that pays off with perseverance.

Working with teenage clients has it's own set of challenges and rewards. Ruby started working with one particular teenage girl when she was in 7th grade. This young girl was exhibiting symptoms of depression. She even said that she was sad for most of the day and was also easily irritated. She would spend long hours in her room, isolating herself from her friends and family...and it got worse.

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Cameron's Wraparound Success Story

Posted by Victor Staff on September, 23, 2019

Victor wraparound services is an intensive, holistic method of engaging with individuals with complex needs so that they can live in their homes and communities and realize their hopes and dreams. When we hear a success story of someone who has made huge progress in this program, we get so excited to share it. This is Cameron's story. 


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Transition Age Youth - A Success Story

Posted by Victor Staff on September, 09, 2019

We recently received a letter from a young man who has been involved in our Transition Age Youth program. It warmed our hearts to hear, in his own words, what it felt like to overcome many of his challenges and gain hope for the future. We want to share his letter with you, but first let's answer the questions that you may have...

What are Transition Age Youth?

Transition Age Youth are clients between 15 and 24 years old who are moving towards adulthood and in many cases, independence. This is a critical time for them to receive support and guidance, especially those in foster care who may still be overcoming trauma and lack a standard family support structure. Our Transition Age Youth, or TAY programs focus on equipping clients with the skills they need to function as highly as possible. Our services address all identified transition needs including employment, educational opportunities, living situations, community life, medication, mental health, physical well being, drug and alcohol use, trauma, domestic violence, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.

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We are Ordinary People Who Do Extraordinary Things

Posted by Victor Staff on August, 23, 2019

Genell Restivo has worked at Victor for the past 32 years. When asked what has kept her there so long she said it comes down to two things, the work and the people. Victor has always been a mission driven organization dedicated to helping children and families. The quality of work that Victor does has always drawn Genell in and kept her engaged. Having coworkers that are equally engaged in the mission and supportive of one another is the other major element of her longevity with the company and ultimately the success of the organization.

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