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A Journey To Reunification: The Wilson Family Success Story with Victor's Wraparound Services

February, 29, 2024 / by Victor Staff

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In the realm of family support services, few achievements are as fulfilling as witnessing the successful reunification of children with their biological parents. The Wilson family's journey exemplifies the transformative power of Victor’s Wraparound services, paving the way for a heartwarming reunion and sustainable family growth. 

Meet the Wilson Family

Janet and Steve Wilson are loving parents to three wonderful children - Meg, Stephanie, and Candice. When this family joined the Wraparound Program, their children had been placed with a long-term resource home, living apart from their parents for nearly two years. Janet and Steve were very committed to the program and were willing to put in the hard but rewarding work to being reunited with their children.  


Supporting Reunification Efforts:  

As their Wraparound provider, the Victor staff facilitated coordination efforts, ensuring smooth visitation schedules between the children and their parents, despite the distance. Through collaboration and leveraging resources from Victor, the biological parents, resource parents, and child welfare agencies, were able to create a regular visitation schedule that worked for all parties.  


Building Family Bonds:  

Central to the success of the reunification process was the family's openness to embrace supportive interventions. Janet and Steve warmly welcomed Wraparound sessions into their home, where family skill-building activities took place. Through these sessions, the entire family unit honed communication skills and strengthened their bonds, laying a solid foundation for the future. 


Navigating Community Partnerships: 

The dedicated staff at Victor worked hard on collaborating with community sources which greatly benefited this family and the reunification process. There were varying opinions between the Wraparound team members and the community partners on where the children should be placed. To show that Janet and Steve could meet the goals for reunification, they worked with Victor’s resources on skill building and care coordination. The Wraparound team also assisted by holding these sessions in community locations near the family and clearly communicated with child welfare on who was participating in these sessions.  


Transitioning Home with Confidence:  

After lots of hard work and determination Janet and Steve were reunited with their children. Now that the family was reunited, Victor’s Wraparound Program helped facilitate the children's transition back home. By gathering pertinent information from their previous schools, Victor supported the enrollment process in the local school near Janet and Steve’s residence, minimizing disruptions to the children's education. During this process Janet stayed in contact with Victor’s Wraparound team when she needed support or had additional questions. The team also ensured that the family was connected to local community resources like food banks, community events, clothing drives and children camps, so that Janet and Steve would feel confident in their ability to provide for the family.  


Graduation and Success:  

Through unwavering dedication and collaborative efforts, the Wilson family graduated from the Wraparound program with flying colors. The positive relationship created between Victor and child welfare helped the social services department trust the recommendations from the Wraparound team members. All this hard work led to a child welfare case closed and a heartwarming family reunion.  


The Wilson family's journey stands as a testament to the transformative impact of Victor's Wraparound services. Through coordinated efforts, unwavering support, and a commitment to family reunification, Victor’s Wraparound service not only helped the Wilson family navigate challenges but also empowered them to thrive. As we celebrate their success, let their story inspire hope and reaffirm our dedication to be a catalyst for sustained improvement in the lives of those we touch.  


About Victor's Wraparound Program: 

Wraparound is a strength-based approach that empowers youth and their families to identify their own strengths and resources. It's an intensive, holistic method designed to engage with individuals with complex needs, typically children, youth, and their families, enabling them to live in their homes and communities while realizing their hopes and dreams. At Victor, we partner with behavioral health, child welfare, and juvenile justice departments across California, implementing our Wraparound model to enhance youth safety, permanency, and well-being. We understand that every family is unique, which is why Wraparound services are tailored to meet each family's individual and specific needs. 


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