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Celebrating Another Client Win! - A Victor Stockton Success Story

Posted by Victor Staff on February, 15, 2019

Our most recent client success story comes from Christina Thrower, M.A. one of our School Based Facilitators at Victor Stockton. We believe in celebrating the success of both our staff and clients, so if you have a good story please share it with us! You can check out our growing list of staff stories by clicking here.

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Victor Culture and Values: Stories from Hemet Staff

Posted by Victor Staff on January, 18, 2019

Recently, the staff at Victor Hemet came together to talk about the culture and values of Victor. Joseph Olvera, from our Lake Elsinore office, helped them tell their stories and illustrate them in a unique and creative way. It's always great to see our staff having fun and celebrating the culture that Victor promotes! 

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It Takes a Village

Posted by Victor Staff on December, 21, 2018

The old saying "It takes a village to raise a child" continues again and again to prove itself true. A child needs a community to help become fully developed mentally, emotionally and socially. So how does this affect our approach to treatment? In a word, collaboration.

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VCSS Redding Lives Victor's Mission During Devastating Fires

Posted by Victor Staff on August, 24, 2018

As fire season rages on in California more homes are lost and in some cases, lives are lost. It's a challenging time, with continued hot weather and no rain in the forecast. But amid the devastation and skies darkened by smoke, there are bright spots of hope if you look close enough. VCSS Redding has reacted to the the Carr Fire in Shasta County with exemplary poise and true character. They have become a integral part of the community in Shasta County and when the chips were down, they did not disappoint. To put this in perspective, let's take a quick look at the situation that they were up against.

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Victor Clients Record their own CD!

Posted by Victor Staff on August, 08, 2018

Jon Fournier has been in the mental health industry for about seven years, but prior to that he had aspirations to become an audio production engineer. He worked for several years pursuing that dream and learning the skills and thought it might become his career.  But with changing technology and the ease of self-producing, audio engineering became relegated to more of a hobby. Jon changed directions and went back to school to pursue a degree in psychology from Chico State, and then went on to the Wright Institute in Berkeley to complete their program in counseling psychology.

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Mike Hernandez Inspires Coworkers: "You Get What You Give."

Posted by Victor Staff on July, 20, 2018

Where do you find inspiration? Your church, friends, family? What inspires you when you have a tough week and need encouragement? For Mike Hernandez, he has found that "You get what you give." Offering encouragement and inspiration to his friends and coworkers helps Mike to stay positive and motivated.

The first Thursday of every month, Mike sends out an encouraging text to his friends and coworkers. This is a tradition he started last year and has stuck with. Mike likes encouragement, words of affirmation are his love language. He paraphrased a quote he likes from Zig Ziglar saying, "When you encourage others, you are also encouraged in the process, because you are making a commitment and a difference in that person's life. I try to give out what I want to get."

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Victor Staff Story: Mark Callahan

Posted by Victor Staff on June, 19, 2018

Mark Callahan knows a thing or two about working at Victor. He started there in 2001 and after 17 years, the only thing that has worn out is his office chair. Mark is still inspired and going strong.

Mark didn't start his career in mental health and didn't even have a background in it when he started at Victor. Mark was a teacher, and he has always had a strong connection with youth. Mark's best friend was working at Victor and encouraged him to apply. Even though he didn't have any mental health credentials, Victor saw something in Mark that aligned with their values.

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Excitement About Victor in Hemet, CA

Posted by Victor Staff on May, 23, 2018

Victor's Hemet office opened in March of 2018 to a community that welcomed us with open arms. Hemet is a city in the San Jacinto Valley in Riverside County, California. One fun fact about Hemet is that the city is known for being the home of The Ramona Pageant. Started in 1923, the play is one of the longest running outdoor plays in the United States. We had the opportunity to speak with the new Executive Director of VCSS Hemet, Alana Dunn.

Although Ms. Dunn is new to the Executive Director position, she has actually been with Victor for over 12 years! She was instrumental in starting the Lake Elsinore site and is now excited about the impact Victor can make in Hemet. Here's what she had to say about their progress:

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Joseph Olvera's Client Success Story

Posted by Victor Staff on May, 10, 2018

Joseph Olvera has been working with Victor for over 12 years.  Providing excellent, and passionate service to our kids and families. We are grateful for his contribution and asked him to share a story with us from his many years with Victor. Here's what he had to tell us:

"Upon recalling this particular client I remember driving into a picturesque neighborhood, complete with American flags perched on the eaves of every house above well manicured lawns and flower beds.  I was cordially received into the home with an offering of a bottle of water and baked goodies from the parents.  I felt like if I had asked for warm apple pie the mother would have responded “do you want a crumb topping or just regular, cause we have both”.  As we got to know each other the parents told me about their adopted son who was now 14 and how he had never really connected with any therapist he saw, leaving most therapists to primarily work with them on how to deal with their son.  They shared their hardships over the previous few years in which they “lost control” of him to due to him having another life online and preferring his time on the computer to interactions with real people and how he used to refuse to get off the computer and go to school. This power struggle ultimately resulted in the client being placed in a residential treatment facility where he felt betrayed by his parents for “leaving” him there.  Since returning home they had struggled to build trust with him, set boundaries surrounding preferred activities, and help him learn to take responsibility.

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Supporting Youth With Gender Dysphoria

Posted by Victor Staff on May, 01, 2018

At Victor Community Support Services we encourage all of our employees to share their stories of success, progress, or even just a small victory that lets them know they are making a difference for someone.

The need for support services for youth with gender dysphoria is on the rise. These are often complicated situations involving youth that are at a transitional stage of development, families that may or may not understand and social and cultural expectations that may not align with how this young person is feeling.

In a recent paper by Diane EhrensaftPh.D. called Gender nonconforming youth: current perspectives, she says:

The field of interdisciplinary treatment for gender nonconforming children and youth has not just expanded at an astronomically fast rate; to switch metaphors, it has rather been such as a tsunami, with a swell of children and families seeking support and services and stretching existing gender clinics and programs at their seams. This cohort of young people includes those who do not accept the sex assignment given to them at birth, those who do not accept their culture’s expectations and rules about gender roles and gender behaviors, and those who present with a combination of both.

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