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Building Relationships and Bridging the Gap to Mental Health

Posted by Victor Staff on May, 21, 2021

Mental Health America’s theme for National Mental Health Month is Tools 2 Thrive which places an emphasis on providing practical tools so anyone can improve their mental health no matter their situation.

Though there has been great work in past years to lessen the stigma of seeking help or treatment for mental health, the stigma still prevents people from getting the help they need. There are additional reservations that are a result of poor past experiences with mental health professionals or agencies.

We can’t help people with their mental health unless they first feel safe seeking help or can be connected to resources. This is what our Victor Community Support Center (VCSS) in Redding has been working on for the past two years across Tehama County.

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Child Abuse Prevention Month

Posted by Victor Staff on April, 26, 2021

Child Abuse Prevention Month

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. This month is about bringing awareness to how we can stop the cycle of child abuse by being proactive through prevention.

Child abuse prevention focuses on families' strengths that can be built upon to care for their children safely before any abuse occurs. 

The strategy for preventing child abuse is twofold. The short term plan involves education and intervention. In the long term, we want to raise children in safe and caring communities and environments so they can grow into healthy and stable adults.

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How To Use Your Living and Work Spaces to Boost Your Mental Health

Posted by Victor Staff on April, 09, 2021

We have all been spending a lot of time indoors this past year and it has probably caused you to take into account your surroundings more than you have done in the past.

Being restricted to your home with the occasional grocery store run is a lot less environmental diversity than we are used to. That means the spaces we are spending most of our time in are making a greater impact on our mental health.

Like the people you surround yourself with, the spaces around you also affect you subconsciously. We want people to have the best environments for their work and personal life so they can be as productive and healthy as possible.

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Veteran Suicide Crisis: Serving Those Who Served Our Country

Posted by Victor Staff on March, 03, 2021

Reports show that veterans are twice as likely to die by suicide as civilians according to the Department of Veterans Affairs. This alarming statistic sadly translates to about 18 veterans dying by suicide every single day.

Victor Community Support Services has been an engaged county partner in suicide prevention training and events for years. In collaboration with other support services in our communities, we do our best to support veterans in need of help. Our latest organizational report shows we were able to help over 300 military families with PTSD. Too often however, we don't get to meet them until they've reached a point of crisis. 

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Victor Agency Soars in Employee and Client Satisfaction

Posted by Victor Staff on February, 12, 2021

At Victor we pride ourselves on not only doing amazing work but also being an amazing place to work. We want to ensure that we consistently meet high standards in our organizational operations, care for our clients, and treatment of our employees.

We are regularly learning how we can improve as an organization in order to fulfill our mission-driven values.For Victor, being inclusive, effective, and forward thinking are more than words. They are action points. We work intentionally so our employees, and by extension our clients, feel supported to grow and thrive so they live healthy and meaningful lives.

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Victor Values in Work Culture

Posted by Victor Staff on January, 04, 2021

Working in mental health and family services is one of the hardest and most rewarding career paths you can choose. You are on the front lines of witnessing people’s lowest lows and are by their side as they move toward new heights.

Having a healthy and vibrant team culture is one of the ways Victor supports its employees to be their best so they can help our clients break cycles of poverty, improve their mental health, and strengthen their families 

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Home in Time; A Victor Success Story

Posted by Victor Staff on December, 02, 2020

With the holidays drawing near, we are reminded of the value of family time and being able to gather with one another under the same roof. However, life circumstances can sometimes prevent relatives from staying together.

At Victor, we see varying reasons families are moved around or temporarily separated. Our Victor Success Story this month features Sophia, who helped a set of grandparents prepare their home for their two grandchildren whose mother was unable to care for them at the time.

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Big Emotions and a Little Body; a Victor Success Story

Posted by Victor Staff on November, 06, 2020

With civic unrest, a presidential election, and a pandemic, the past few months have been enough to make us want to pull out hair and scream. However, we as adults have the ability to identify our emotions and calm ourselves down when anger arises.

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Pen Pals in 2020

Posted by Victor Staff on September, 23, 2020

Socially Distanced

You’ve probably experienced a level of disconnection this year due to social distancing, mask wearing, and the challenges of living in quarantine. For most adults, this is a situation we can manage and cope with thanks to having the benefit of some perspective as well as established relationships with friends and family. However, for kids it can be a uniquely frustrating and isolating time.

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A Graduation Success Story at Victor

Posted by Victor Staff on September, 09, 2020

The work we do at Victor changes lives. We understand many businesses or organizations can say the same, but we actually see the proof in our client's success stories. 

For one of our Wraparound Program Clients at VTC Pomona, the last two years made the difference between a young woman becoming homeless or thriving in her foster home. 

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