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Rising Above: A Victor Wraparound Journey from Anxiety to Achievement

July, 05, 2024 / by Victor Staff

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 In the heart of every challenging circumstance lies the potential for remarkable transformation. At Victor, we witness this truth unfold daily through the stories of those we serve. Today, we share an inspiring journey of resilience and hope—a testament to the power of our holistic approach and the unwavering dedication of our team.  


Through the lens of one young girl's courageous battle with anxiety and adversity, we explore how Victor's Wraparound services not only provided vital support but also ignited a path towards academic success, family stability, and a future filled with promise.  


The Initial Challenges 

 Julie, a clinician at Victor, recounts the journey of Rachel, a 14-year-old girl who came to us under difficult circumstances. Rachel was referred to Victor after expressing a desire to harm someone, which led to her being hospitalized and missing her sister's wedding. Her life was marked by severe social anxiety, depression, and a challenging home environment. 


At the time Rachel and her mother were living in a cramped one-bedroom apartment with her older sister, who was struggling to accommodate them. This added stress exacerbated Rachel’s mental health struggles. 


Intensive Support and Therapy 

 Julie and the Wraparound team, including a Family Support Counselor, began meeting with Rachel twice a week, with a focus on managing her anxiety and depression. One of the turning points in Rachel’s journey was when they were able to help her return to school. Previously she had been studying from home and had a lot of social anxiety. Julie was able to assist the client’s mother, who didn’t speak English, by negotiating with the school principal for her return. Though the client faced challenges going back, like needing to wear headphones when traveling on public transportation, she made incredible progress. 


A Remarkable Transformation 

 After a year of intense therapy and returning to school Rachel went from failing all her classes to graduating with honors and is now excited about high school, where she will join the ROTC program and take all honor classes. Julie supported Rachel throughout her journey, acting as her personal cheerleader during every milestone. Whether Rachel received a medal or was named Student of the Month, Julie made a point to celebrate and congratulate her on her remarkable achievements. 


Not only did Rachel learn coping skills to manager her anxiety, but she started having a more positive outlook on life. Channeling her passion for drawing, she aspires to eventually pursue a career as a graphic designer. Rachel’s journey from overcoming significant challenges to envisioning a bright future is a testament to her resilience and the transformative impact of the support she received from Julie and the Victor team.  


Supporting the Family 

 During Rachel’s transformation Julie was able to also help her mother. Her mother had been unemployed and struggling to find a job. Julie was able to find her a job at a farm picking produce. This allowed the mother and daughter to move out of their cramped living situation into a more comfortable environment that allowed them to have their own space and made them happy. 


The Power of Wraparound Services 

 This story shows you the power of the Wraparound Services demonstrating how the program was tailored to meet the specific needs of Rachel and her mother.  

Wraparound Services at Victor represent a holistic, strength-based approach designed to empower families navigating complex challenges. By fostering resilience and leveraging individual strengths, this program promotes sustainable change and supports families on their journey toward stability and success. 


Victor's Wraparound Services operate in close collaboration with behavioral health, child welfare, and juvenile justice departments across California. This strategic partnership ensures a coordinated and comprehensive approach to care, enhancing youth safety, promoting family permanency, and fostering overall well-being. Through these alliances, Victor extends its reach beyond individual therapy sessions, creating a network of support that strengthens communities and empowers families to thrive.  


Achieving Their Dreams 

 Through Wraparound services and the dedication of clinicians like Julie, we've seen firsthand the profound impact of personalized, holistic support. This journey from adversity to accomplishment serves as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of compassionate care. 


*Names have been changed to respect the privacy of the client.



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