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We Have Our Adoption License!

Posted by Victor Staff on February, 26, 2020

We are excited to announce that we have received our Adoption License!

Adoption Services will be added to our already existing programs of Foster Care, Relative Home Assessment, and Mental Health Services. We can certify and service homes within 50 miles of our Pomona and Perris offices.

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The Power of Serving Others

Posted by Victor Staff on June, 17, 2019

At Victor we are all about helping others, it's our business and our passion. Helping others improves their lives, while improving our communities and ourselves. There is so much emphasis on self-discovery and self-promotion today, that it's easy to forget that our identity though unique, is still built on the foundation of community. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

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Victor Will Continue the 95 Year Legacy of Rosemary Children's Services

Posted by Victor Staff on December, 10, 2018

Starting in 2015, a mutually beneficial relationship began between Victor and Rosemary Children's Services. Victor leadership saw Rosemary as an organization with a similar heart and mission, and an incredibly rich history of service in the LA County area. We are honored to say that on Nov. 1st of this year, Rosemary Children's Services is now Victor Treatment Centers. We have spent the last few years aligning our mission, clarifying our roles, and readying ourselves for this change. The leadership at Victor was committed to honoring the legacy of Rosemary and their 95 year history in LA County. Let's take a look at some highlights from that long history of service.

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COA Reviewers "Blown Away" by the Excellence of VCSS

Posted by Victor Staff on June, 04, 2018

The National Council on Accreditation, also known as COA, awards one of the most comprehensive and highly recognized accreditations at the national level. Two of the three Victor agencies have already been awarded this accreditation (Victor Treatment Centers and Rosemary Children’s Services), while Victor Community Support Services only recently underwent review to add the COA accreditation to its list of credentials. The process is very thorough and the COA reviewers visited three of our sites in San Joaquin, Shasta and Nevada counties.

Their reaction was nothing short of astonishment at the quality of Victor's services, structure and staff. Doug Scott, CEO, outlined the process in a letter to the whole Victor organization, and his assessment of their feedback was simply this: 

“They were "blown away."

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Introducing Ed Hackett, CFO of Victor

Posted by Victor Staff on January, 11, 2018

We wanted to take a moment to welcome Ed Hackett to the Administrative Office in Chico, CA. Ed joined us 3 months ago as our new Chief Financial Officer and we have been enjoying getting to know him and the leadership strengths he brings to our organization.

Ed comes to us with 18 years of work as a financial professional in two organizations: Wheeler Clinic in Plainville, Connecticut for 8 years, followed by 10 years at The Village in Hartford, Connecticut, which is where he was working when Victor reached out. The Village was an organization very similar to Victor as they had residential programs, after school and extended day programs for kids, along with community based in-home programs, foster care, and a number of other programs.

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Victor Treatment Centers Receives Excellent Ratings from the Council on Accreditation

Posted by Victor Staff on October, 27, 2017

Below is a letter from Victor CEO Doug Scott, sharing the excellent feedback received from the Council on Accreditation after their review of Victor Treatment Centers and Rosemary Children’s Services.

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