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From Struggle to Strength: An Inspiring Story from Victor's TAY Program 

May, 01, 2024 / by Victor Staff

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At Victor, our team members witness first-hand the transformative journey of our clients, celebrating every milestone that leads them toward a brighter future. Justin, a compassionate clinician at the Barstow TAY Center, shared a truly inspiring story that showed the life-changing impact of Victor's comprehensive programs and services. 


Empowering Personal Growth 

This 17-year-old client was referred to Justin by a contact in the community who recognized their need for assistance and believed Victor could facilitate the necessary care. Justin was able to reach out to the client the same day and get them help. 


The client had been struggling with issues at home, academic difficulties, and uncertainty about their future with work or college. Through individual sessions, family therapy and active participation in the TAY program, they were able to get their education needs met and begin their journey of self-discovery. 


Supporting Every Step 

At Victor, every individual's progress is celebrated and recognized. Justin's client benefited from a range of services, including anger management classes, group therapy for depression, and monthly events where successes were shared, and milestones celebrated. This holistic approach to care ensured that support was provided every step of the way. 


Seizing Opportunities 

Within a remarkably short span of six months, Justin's client achieved incredible milestones. They not only found stability in their mental health but also discovered a newfound sense of purpose. Through a connection in the community, they were able to talk with a recruiter who help them start a workout regimen and begin the process to enlist and become a Marine. Through this they were able to get a scholarship of $180,000 which is providing them with the opportunity to go to a college of their choice. 


Community Connection 

The power of community played a crucial role in this journey of transformation. Through their path of improvement Justin's client found employment which was near the recruiting office that led to their enlistment. This highlights the strong support network within the Barstow community. Through Victor's programs, they were not only able to work on themselves but also leverage the support of their community to pave a new path forward. 


A Journey Continues 

As Justin's client prepares to graduate and begin their next chapter, their story shows the steadfast commitment to personal growth and mental health stability that ended up leading them to life changing opportunities. Justin and Victor's unwavering commitment to excellence and holistic care has paved the way not only for Justin’s client but for countless individuals to overcome adversity and achieve their dreams. 


Information about Victor TAY Program 

 As we reflect on the remarkable journey of Justin's client, we're reminded of the vital role that Victor's Transition Age Youth (TAY) program plays in empowering individuals during this pivotal stage of life. Transition Age Youth are on the brink of adulthood, facing both exciting opportunities and daunting challenges.  


At Victor, we understand the complexities of this transition and offer specialized programs to support them. Our comprehensive array of services, guided by the Resiliency/Recovery Model, addresses every facet of transition, including employment, education, housing, community integration, mental and physical health, substance use, trauma, and more. Through personalized support and empowerment, we equip TAY clients with the skills and resources they need to navigate the journey into adulthood with confidence and resilience.  


Justin's client's success story exemplifies the transformative impact of the Victor TAY program, reinforcing our commitment to helping every individual reach their fullest potential. 


*Names have been changed to respect the privacy of the client. 



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Victor Staff

Written by Victor Staff

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