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Transforming Lives: The Journey of Three Sisters

June, 04, 2024 / by Victor Staff

Three girls walking together (1)

Navigating the complexities of mental and behavioral health, especially for children, can be incredibly challenging. Yet, it is in these moments of difficulty that the most profound transformations can occur.  

This is the story of three young sisters who, despite facing significant adversity, discovered the power of support and resilience through Victor's dedicated services. 


Facing Difficulties 

 When the three beautiful sisters, all under seven years old, first entered CPS custody, their lives were marked by chaos and neglect. Their parents' struggles with substance use had left them without the structure or stability every child needs. Their initial behavior reflected this instability: climbing on furniture, dancing on tables, and hitting one another. Their unpredictable actions, from hugging staff one moment to pulling hair the next, underscored their lack of boundaries and understanding of expectations.  


Their foster mom reported safety concerns at parks and grocery stores, and even the simple act of traveling was fraught with danger as the girls would unbuckle their seatbelts and wander into the street. Tantrums were common and often physical, making every day a challenge. 


The Power of Teamwork 

 The turning point for these girls began when they entered Victor's services. Over the past nine months, a dedicated team of professionals, including a Parent Partner, Family Support Counselor, Facilitator, and Clinician, worked closely with the foster parent to provide the girls with the support they needed.  


Initial meetings were chaotic, but the persistent and patient efforts of the team started to make a difference. The implementation of a structured morning routine, prominently displayed in their home, gave the girls a sense of predictability and control. A reward system was introduced to encourage positive behavior, slowly transforming their defiance into cooperation. 


Taking Positive Steps 

 Progress was gradual but evident. The foster parent, with guidance from the Victor team, learned to set clear expectations and motivate the girls towards good behavior. Ignoring negative attention-seeking behaviors and reinforcing positive actions became key strategies.  


The seven-year-old, in particular, showed significant improvement, often helping her younger sisters and prompting them towards good behavior. The use of PRIDE skills (praise, reflect, imitate, describe, and enjoy) further supported this positive change, with the foster mom intervening verbally only when necessary, providing prompts to guide the girls. 


From Chaos to Stability 

 The transformation of these young girls has been remarkable. They have learned to follow social expectations, care for their bodies, and navigate public spaces safely. Tantrums have lessened in intensity and frequency, and the girls now understand the importance of asking for help from adults. They can kindly request what they need and accept when the answer is no. This progress, while not perfect, represents a significant shift from their initial state of chaos. 


Inspiring Change 

 The journey of these three sisters highlights the profound impact of consistent support and intervention. Their story is a testament to the resilience of children and the power of a dedicated team working together toward a common goal. It serves as a powerful reminder that, no matter how difficult the circumstances, positive change is always possible. 


This remarkable transformation has inspired many within the Victor community, reaffirming our unwavering commitment to transforming lives through compassionate, tailored care. At Victor, we understand that each child's journey is unique, and we are dedicated to providing the individualized support they need to thrive. 


Victor offers a wide range of services designed to address the specific needs of those we serve, from behavioral health support to educational and social services. By providing this support, we aim to offer hope and a brighter future for children and families across California. 


We invite you to explore more stories of inspiration and resilience, and if you are looking for support contact us today and become a part of the Victor community.  



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Victor Staff

Written by Victor Staff

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