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Victor Treatment Centers Receives Excellent Ratings from the Council on Accreditation

Posted by Victor Staff on October, 27, 2017

Below is a letter from Victor CEO Doug Scott, sharing the excellent feedback received from the Council on Accreditation after their review of Victor Treatment Centers and Rosemary Children’s Services.

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The Positive Effect of Evidence Based Programming on Adults with Criminal Histories

Posted by Victor Staff on October, 04, 2017

The Probation Evidence Based Programming (EBP) team at Victor Community Support Services in Stockton is doing an impressive job changing lives. The San Joaquin County Probation Department released data from the Day Reporting Center (DRC) showing significantly reduced rates of re-offenses by clients who are on probation as their hours spent in evidence based programming increased (see graph below). This shows that even adults with criminal histories can make major life changes when given the help and resources they need.

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Teamwork at Victor's Perris Office Saves a Life

Posted by Victor Staff on September, 08, 2017

Sometimes we just need to pause, take a deep breath, and celebrate the incredible opportunities we have to step into tense and life-threatening situations and find a way to intervene and change the course of a human life.

Of course, we can’t share details because we care for and protect our clients, but we do want to celebrate with our Perris office an opportunity they had to intervene and quite literally help prevent a young lady from committing suicide. Mary Tretola, one of our Clinical Supervisors, paused in her day to relay an incredible story of teamwork that resulted in hope and a future for a troubled young woman.

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Chico Pride 2017: Victor Provides Resources for Youth and Families

Posted by Victor Staff on August, 26, 2017

The Chico Stonewall Alliance Center hosted its annual Chico Pride celebration event on Saturday, August 19. Stonewall Alliance is an organization that unites, strengthens, and affirms the community through support, resources, education, advocacy, and celebration.

This year, Victor Community Support Services, Chico, had the opportunity to be present at the celebration and show support for the families of Butte County who are part of hte LGBTQ+ community. Victor partners with the Stonewall Alliance Center, offering support to our clients and helping decrease barriers to youth accessing mental health services.  Victor’s services are safe and inclusive for youth and families who are part of the LGBTQ+ community. 

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Oroville’s Ampla Health Center and VCSS Celebrate National Health Center Week

Posted by Victor Staff on August, 25, 2017

Victor Community Support Services participated in the Oroville Ampla Health Center Health Fair celebrating National Health Center Week on August 18, 2017. Ampla offered Health Screenings at no cost and access to many local resources and services. This was a great opportunity for community outreach!  Our staff had conversations with many attendees and community agencies about Victor’s services and enjoyed being part of the day. 

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Victor Partners with Local Back to School Fair to Help Families in Need

Posted by Victor Staff on August, 21, 2017

Victor Community Support Services had the opportunity to take part in Butte County’s ‘Back to School’ event, providing social services, school supplies, clothing, books, and food to kids and families in need. This new project, put on by the Butte County Office of Education School Ties program, is designed to create easy access to services for families experiencing homelessness or those at risk of homelessness.  The event served 250 families – kids were given haircuts, new backpacks and school supplies. Parents had access to representatives from many community organizations.

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Celebrating 30+ years with Victor

Posted by Victor Staff on August, 09, 2017

Meet Genell

Genell is a 30 year veteran of Victor, with roots dating back to 1986!

These days that is an amazing statistic all by its lonesome. We thought it would be fun to share her story.

When "No" isn't the answer you want!

When Genell first learned about Victor it was through a program that was called “Stepping Stones”. Genell knew that she wanted to work with kids, but she had no idea in what capacity. When she discovered Stepping Stones she applied for a job, and was sent a rejection letter. The letter didn’t say why she was rejected, so she decided to keep pursuing it until they changed their minds or she had a good reason for the “no” answer. Her persistence paid off and she learned that she was turned down for one simple reason. She was not yet 21! So, she waited, and on her 21st birthday she called again, asked if they remembered her and restated her interest in the position.

The Journey Begins

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