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Celebrating 30+ years with Victor

Posted by Victor Staff on August, 09, 2017

Meet Genell

Genell is a 30 year veteran of Victor, with roots dating back to 1986!

These days that is an amazing statistic all by its lonesome. We thought it would be fun to share her story.

When "No" isn't the answer you want!

When Genell first learned about Victor it was through a program that was called “Stepping Stones”. Genell knew that she wanted to work with kids, but she had no idea in what capacity. When she discovered Stepping Stones she applied for a job, and was sent a rejection letter. The letter didn’t say why she was rejected, so she decided to keep pursuing it until they changed their minds or she had a good reason for the “no” answer. Her persistence paid off and she learned that she was turned down for one simple reason. She was not yet 21! So, she waited, and on her 21st birthday she called again, asked if they remembered her and restated her interest in the position.

The Journey Begins

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