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Victor Success Stories: Family Reunification

June, 29, 2018 / by Victor Staff

Victor Family ReunificationFamily reunification is a long and difficult process however, when we can achieve it for our clients it is one of the most emotional and rewarding experiences imaginable. For a parent who has lost touch with their own child, there is no greater joy than being reunited and having the opportunity to establish a meaningful family bond.

At Victor, we work hard to find solutions that keep children from staying in the foster system for longer than they need to. For the over 400,000 children in foster care nationwide, the average time spent in the system is between 12 and 20 months. That's a long time for a child to be away from their parents, so we focus on providing structure and counseling right from the start. Our goal is to build a good foundation underneath kids that may feel brushed aside.

This particular story comes from our site in Stockton, CA. where the mother had struggled with addiction, mental health problems, and other medical issues. Through Victor's Katie-A program this parent worked closely with her daughter's treatment team to establish healthy boundaries and reconnect with her daughter.

With the support that VCSS staff and community resources this mother was able to access support, learn to become a better parent and work on her own personal development. It required a lot of hard work on the mother's part, and a commitment to the process. Her daughter had multiple challenges to overcame including negative self-esteem, depression, nutritional problems, struggles adjusting within the foster care system and to her mother’s new way of parenting.  Mother and daughter have learned to respect each other, to reconnect and to thrive as a family again. 

The obstacles this mother overcame were not easy, however, with a strong support system by her own treatment team and her daughters Katie-A team she was able to become a better parent and support her daughter in beginning the process of emotional stability.  While there continues to be life struggles the progress both this mother and daughter have made has been life changing and now is the foundation of a better way of living their lives together. 

At the start of this case neither of them had a good concept of how to engage in the process, however, today they are filled with hope and openness to embarking on a life long journey of being a family. It has been two months since reunification was given and both mother and daughter continue to make progress and stay stable. They continue to use the tools learned during the treatment process and are enjoying life together.    


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Written by Victor Staff

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