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Victor Treatment Centers Receives Excellent Ratings from the Council on Accreditation

October, 27, 2017 / by Victor Staff

excellence concept with thumbs upBelow is a letter from Victor CEO Doug Scott, sharing the excellent feedback received from the Council on Accreditation after their review of Victor Treatment Centers and Rosemary Children’s Services.

Hi Everyone,

I am writing to summarize the feedback from the Council on Accreditation regarding their review of Victor Treatment Centers and Rosemary Children’s Services. Four Council on Accreditation Reviewers were on site for over four days. The Reviewers reviewed Board documents, HR policies & procedures, personnel files, fiscal operations, program evaluations and data collection, licensing and special incident reports and program operations. It is a very thorough process which evaluates our organizations against national standards. The Reviewers were very experienced and had reviewed many agencies over several years. The Reviewers provided a summary report to Simona and me and then to a larger group upon their exit.

The results of the review were that Victor Treatment Centers and Rosemary Children’s Services received excellent ratings in all areas of operations. The reviewers were extremely impressed with every area they studied.

Some of the highlights of the review include:

  • The Board is very involved, knowledgeable and has strong ethical and oversight processes in place.

  • Fiscal operations are strong and allow us to invest resources in program operations and HR Policies, procedures and practices are very organized and meet all standards.

  • Staff training was highlighted as exceptional.

  • Program Evaluation & Outcome practices are very "impressive" and have shown great gains since the previous review.

  • Strategic Planning is very well done and inclusive of staff and Board. They specifically noted that our Strategic Priorities and Values are alive throughout the organizations.

  • Our Mission Driven value is apparent in our program operations. Staff were described as passionate, committed, well trained, and "impressive."

  • The Reviewers were very impressed with the disaster response effectiveness of our Santa Rosa Team.

  • The Rosemary Children’s Services reviewer stated that she was so impressed that she wanted to stay and spend more time with our program and joked that she might come back and become a Guild volunteer member.

  • Our Tech team (and particularly Scott) provided excellent customer service.

  • Multiple staff and departments were mentioned by name as being superior performers. These included: Cathy, Jana, Bethany, Kelly, Bill, Scott, the HR Department, and the PEO Department.

Overall, the review team had difficulty finding any significant areas of concern. To put it short, THEY WERE BLOWN AWAY! I want to thank Cathy Rayden for her expertise in leading this process.

It is very wonderful and rewarding to hear such accolades from external reviewers whose job is to evaluate us and find areas where we can become stronger. I felt proud to be associated with you all. Thank you for all of your hard work and for your commitment to our mission.

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