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Victor Partners with Local Back to School Fair to Help Families in Need

August, 21, 2017 / by Victor Staff

Kids with Backpacks

Victor Community Support Services had the opportunity to take part in Butte County’s ‘Back to School’ event, providing social services, school supplies, clothing, books, and food to kids and families in need. This new project, put on by the Butte County Office of Education School Ties program, is designed to create easy access to services for families experiencing homelessness or those at risk of homelessness.  The event served 250 families – kids were given haircuts, new backpacks and school supplies. Parents had access to representatives from many community organizations.

VCSS Chico’s focus was to inform families of counseling services available to them by referral or direct request (and most importantly, helping them understand they don’t have to wait for someone to identify their need to receive mental health services and support).

To read the full story of how this event assisted families in our community, check out this article from the Chico Enterprise Record


Victor Staff

Written by Victor Staff

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