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Victor Agency Soars in Employee and Client Satisfaction

February, 12, 2021 / by Victor Staff

Victor Soars Blog BannerAt Victor we pride ourselves on not only doing amazing work but also being an amazing place to work. We want to ensure that we consistently meet high standards in our organizational operations, care for our clients, and treatment of our employees.

We are regularly learning how we can improve as an organization in order to fulfill our mission-driven values.For Victor, being inclusive, effective, and forward thinking are more than words. They are action points. We work intentionally so our employees, and by extension our clients, feel supported to grow and thrive so they live healthy and meaningful lives.

Victor is consistently evaluating our services and outcomes based on industry standards and our own internal performance metrics. Annually we produce reports for our core divisions as well as for our organization as an employer. The most recent results were more than encouraging, showing growth in both our employee satisfaction and client success.

A Few Highlights

Victor clients and families come from a wide range of ages and needs. One of our goals is to provide innovative services, which includes prevention programs. Within our prevention programs we were able to serve 300 families with PTSD and 1,000 children between the ages of newborn to 5 years old across our 18 sites. In fact, one of our highest client satisfaction rates came from our prevention participants, with 99% of them indicating that they benefitted from services.

Looking within our organization, over 95% of our nearly 1,000 employees reported satisfaction in their current role. Many of our employees have been with Victor for a long time, 6% of them have served with us for over 15 years! We were also excited to report that there is great diversity within our Victor team, with our employee demographics closely mirroring the overall California demographics.

Victor Treatment Centers

Within Victor Treatment Centers’ (VTC) programs we have helped over 95% of our clients avoid juvenile hall or psychiatric hospitalization. We saw an overwhelming majority of our clients end substance abuse, improve their behavior and anger management skills, and see a positive change in their living environments.

Victor Community Support Services

In Victor Community Support Services (VCSS), we served over 6,700 children and families across our outpatient programs, 754 children and families in our Wraparound programs, and 212 clients in our Transitional Age Youth programs. Across all areas of service, we saw three quarters or more of our clients reach their goals, achieve stable mental health, and improve their lives.


Employees bump elbows victor shutterstock_1703999134There was a lot to celebrate across our organization and we encourage you to take a look at all three reports to get a fuller picture of what we offer across Victor and how we are doing in key areas of performance.

To see the full reports, Click Here.

We asked hard questions of ourselves and our clients to whom we are ultimately accountable. We will take the wins reported and build on them while we also commit ourselves to begin working on areas where we can improve. It is both a gift and responsibility to help others soar and we will continue to honor and invest in them accordingly.

If our values resonate with you and you find the data in these reports encouraging, we invite you to explore a career with us by clicking the link below.

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Victor Staff

Written by Victor Staff

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