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7 Tips to Stay Connected and Productive While Working from Home

July, 01, 2020 / by Victor Staff

Victor Work From HomeWe're heading into summer and still working from home - but fear not! Find out the seven tips we have to help you stay productive and connected to your colleagues, while also being the best you can be for your clients, coworkers, and yourself.

Though we may be separated, we are not alone and connecting with your colleagues is still an important part of our culture at Victor. We are a team that brings hope and support to our clients every day, and we should extend the same care to ourselves.

Not only are the following tips helpful for productivity, but helpful for your body and mental health as well. Let’s talk about some ways we can keep up our good work through the summer months.


Use Video to Your Advantage

Zoom fatigue is real! Our brains work extra hard when we’re on a video call, and that’s sometimes multiple hours a day. We are hyper aware that everyone can see us during the entire conversation and that causes us to be more self-conscious. So when you can, opt for a phone call. However, Face-timing friends and family who you can relax and just be yourself around can help you recharge.  


Ergonomics Are Important

From your chair to your mouse, the details matter. Hopefully, you have discovered by now that your couch or favorite reading chair aren’t the best for your full-time job operations. So use this as a time to invest in your work space at home. Get the new desk, at the proper height for you. Splurge on some new headphones to help you block out distracting noises. It’s your professional world, so make it the best for you!


Get Dressed

Since you have cut out the morning commute, why not spend a little extra time on yourself getting ready for the day? This is in direct opposition to the idea that working from home means only getting dressed from the waist up. Firstly, not getting ready for the day tricks your mind into thinking it’s a day off. You could try styling your hair differently. Or perhaps you could try a bold statement piece, graphic tee or cool hat to bring some cheer to a zoom meeting.


Step Away from the Screen

Read a book, a real one. We mean ink on paper with a spine book. And read it in good lighting, your eyes don’t need any added strain. It’s summer, which means summer reading lists are out. Book clubs are a small time commitment and valuable way to connect with others on something outside of work. Plus, books help you escape to a far off place or new city, since many of us won’t be taking our usual summer vacations.


Inspiration Station

That’s the new name of your home, particularly your office space. What you surround yourself with makes an impact on your subconscious. Add inspirational quotes to your mirror, a picture frame, or on the wall near your desk to keep you motivated and feeling good about yourself. Plants aren’t just pleasing to look at, they can also help purify the air. Plus, it is something you can care for and help grow, which gives a new sense of purpose caring for something alive.


Get Outside

When was the last time you walked a mile around your neighborhood or went to the park. What about just sitting outside to get some Vitamin D? There are many ways to get out of your home while social distancing and being respectful of others. Like reading, fresh air is good for you too.


Share Your Experience

We are biologically wired to be in community with one another, and that’s not just reserved for the extroverts. Everyone as a human being desires connection and belonging. That’s why, especially now, it's so powerful to share our experiences with one another. You can share in staff meetings, social media, or just giving someone a call to check in.

The future is uncertain (though is it ever really certain?) and we don’t know how much longer we will be working from home and social distancing. Doing things like sprucing up your home work space and taking care of yourself can help make the most of your situation.

But don’t do it alone. Remember to share your stories of hope and victory, no matter how small, with others. It’s the best way to share with the world the great work we do here at Victor!


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