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Support for School at Home

October 02, 2020 / by Victor Staff

How are You Doing?

ParentWorkingStudentLearningWe are a month or more into the school year and are very likely to continue working and learning from home for a while. If you don’t like what you’re seeing, we have some tips and resources that can help change your current reality into a better and potentially easier one.

Big adjustments, like school from home, take time to get used to. As a society, we all had a routine around the regular school day and what that did to our daily and annual schedules. 

Many experts have stressed the importance of getting a new routine and repeating it consistently to create normalcy. We want to offer more specific tips of how to create the routine in a home learning environment that will help your family adjust to this school year.

Find What Works For Your Kids

What does your child need to be successful in the “classroom”? This is an opportunity to create a custom space for them to learn their best. Maybe they do well with background noise. Being near a window, playing music, lo-fi beats, or white noise can help. Or maybe they need an isolated space that is designed to have as few distractions as possible. 

The overall goal is to create a designated learning area that separates them mentally from just being at home. Meaning lounging on the couch is a no-go. 

Coexist When Working From Home

One of the tips is to have a sign for when you as a parent are on an important call. Some of these suggestions are lights at the foot of a door, a physical sign, or a scarf or hat on the door. That way the kids will see that you are unavailable and won't interrupt and you won't have to break from your colleagues to inform your child of your status. 

It’s fine if you can’t dedicate 100% of your time to the students in your home. Like in a real class setting, kids don't need to be micromanaged or monitored constantly. This is truer the older they get. You are perfectly okay to check in every now and then, but hovering is not required. 

Schedule Breaks

Remember that in a given school day, students are given time off of learning. The same needs to happen in the home. And also just like at school, you need to be sure they aren’t using their school time play on TikTok or Instagram. One of the perks of being their parent and educational supervisor is that there are apps you can use to monitor how they are spending time on their phone. 

Along with using breaks to give your child's mind a rest, encourage them to have a creative outlet they can go to when they need a break or need to switch things up.

Get Moving

Due to social restrictions from the pandemic, many outside or physical activities kids normally do haven’t happened. Over summer, camps were closed and this school year won’t include recreational sports. 

There are many YouTube channels that offer free workout classes like yoga, dance, pilates and more. You can also always go on a walk outside or go to a local park as long as you stay socially distanced.  

Physical activity has shown to improve academic performance and mental focus. Even though most of us are still cooped up at home, we need to take care of our bodies and minds. 

Use your Resources and Ask for Help

No one is going to do this all perfectly - parenting or home schooling. The important thing is to communicate, listen, and adapt when needed. Remember that your family is in this together and you are on the same team. 

For a list of 101 free resources for home-schooling during COVID-19 ranging from book read-alouds, webinars, lesson plans, and tutorials. [Click Here]

If you are wanting to become a foster parent or know someone who is curious about it, but want to be sure you’ll be provided and educated with the tools you need to be successful, then Victor FFA is an organization you should consider. We consider ourselves a family and love to see it grow. Even in a pandemic we will support you and your foster family to soar. 


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Victor Staff

Written by Victor Staff

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Enhance the life of a child by becoming a foster parent. Free download.