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We Have Our Adoption License

February 26, 2020 / by Victor Staff

We are excited to announce that we have received our Adoption License!

Adoption Services will be added to our already existing programs of Foster Care, Relative Home Assessment, and Mental Health Services. We can certify and service homes within 50 miles of our Pomona and Perris offices.

What this allows us to do

With this new license, we will still remain Foster First and encourage all parents interested in adoption to explore Foster Care. The main difference is that we are now able to maintain and strengthen relationships and services with our wonderful families for a longer amount of time and provide constant support through all stages of the adoption process.

There are some families who don’t want to go through a private adoption only agency, where it can cost a lot of money and the child has been fully surrendered. We offer the opportunity for those families willing to foster and open their homes to help children.

Now we have the opportunity to really partner with those families who want to provide permanency to children through the foster care system. We aren’t adoption only and can never guarantee adoption.

We will continue to inform people who come in through training that our children come through the foster care system first. While in Foster Care, we will support children and their biological family for reunification. If reunification doesn't work out, then we can assist and support through the adoption process.


Adoption Services

We are now able to walk with all families through every potential process of foster care and adoption, including initial placement, adoptive placement, and the finalization process of adoption. 

In the past, we have had Resource Families that wanted to provide permanency to the children. In these instances, we able to support the family up until the adoption placement was signed, but once the adoption placement was signed, we were no longer in the home. 

These services include the support of the Foster Care Social Worker, Support Groups, Family events, Newsletters and more, that would have stopped after the adoption placement was signed. 

We no longer need to end support and services because of the adoption placement. Now we can maintain support and relationships with our families from placement to adoption finalization!

Become a Resource Family

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Victor Staff

Written by Victor Staff

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