Chafee Foster Care Independence Act - 20 Years Later

June 19, 2019 / by Victor Staff posted in News, foster care


20 years ago, Senators John H. Chafee and Jay Rockefeller put partisan politics aside to introduce legislation that expanded support for youth who were aging out of foster care. This included resources for independent living as well as transition services. They worked to give a voice to older youth in foster care, which helped shed light on the issue and put a human face on the legislation which helped get it passed. 

There are a unique set of challenges in foster care for older youth. As they approach legal adulthood the options for support and services often diminish. However, as many of you know, our children need support well into adulthood. It doesn't happen overnight and no 18 year old becomes a self sufficient adult without some guidance.

Last week, the Senate reviewed the 20 year history of the Chafee Act and it's effect on better outcomes for youth in foster care. They also discussed further support to make it better.

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Sesame Street Introduces a Character in Foster Care

May 23, 2019 / by Victor Staff posted in News, foster care


Since it's beginning in 1969, Sesame Street has taken on complex and emotional social issues and explained them in a simple way that children can relate to. With the introduction of a character in foster care named Karli, they explain the basic idea of foster care and address how those children may be feeling. The timing seems appropriate being that May is National Foster Care Month, a great time to spread awareness and understanding about what foster care is and the vital role it plays in the lives of so many young people.

Many young children do not understand what foster care is. What does it mean? Why would a child be in this situation? Where are their parents? Sesame Street introduces the concept and explains it in a simple, relatable way for kids, using the term "for now parents" as a synonym for foster parents.


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May is National Foster Care Month!

May 10, 2019 / by Victor Staff posted in News, foster care


The Children's Bureau, within the US Department of Health and Human Services sponsors National Foster Care Month every year. This year their theme focuses on the role of foster care as a support service to families in overcoming obstacles with the goal of reunification. When possible, successful reunification can be the best outcome for children in foster care, in terms of their long-term well-being. 

The Children's Bureau has pulled together a selection of real-life foster care success stories as well as resources and information on their National Foster Care Month web page. We encourage you to take a look and share these resources. There are ways to get involved in supporting children and youth in foster care, even if you're not ready to be a foster parent. 

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Rosemary Children's Services is Now Victor Treatment Centers

November 02, 2018 / by Victor Staff posted in News





You may have heard some rumors, but we want to make it official.

Rosemary Children’s Services is Now
Victor Treatment Centers



Rosemary became affiliated with Victor in 2015 primarily because the leadership of Rosemary were seeing the priorities of state agencies changing and saw the need for additional support to be able to continue to serve children, teens and families. Victor leadership saw Rosemary as an organization with a similar heart and mission, and an incredibly rich history of service in the LA County area. Rather than simply taking over, Victor leadership was committed to honoring the legacy of Rosemary and our long-term partnership with LA County and learning what we do and how we do it in depth before finalizing the acquisition.

We have spent the last few years aligning our mission, clarifying our roles, and readying ourselves for this change. We are ready and excited, but we recognize that the Rosemary name carries 95 years of legacy, so this is not an easy shift.


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