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Former Victor FFA Foster Child Earns Doctorate from USC

July 30, 2021 / by Victor Staff posted in Transitional Age Youth Services (TAY), News, foster care


It’s no secret that many foster children experience trauma and hardship. There are so many children in need of a stable and loving home, it could be easy to think, “Well how can I do anything to combat all that?” The truth is, by providing a safe home and loving home, you can change a child’s world, and even an entire family’s life.

Meet Mich Hamlin. Mich went from homelessness, to foster care, to graduating from University of Southern California with his doctorate in physical therapy. He hopes his story will be an inspiration to other foster children. We hope it can be an encouragement to foster parents as well.

Mich’s Childhood

Up until middle school, Mich, along with his parents and two brothers, were homeless. They slept wherever they could, including parks and behind dumpster bins, though his family did have a car. His parents suffered from alcoholism and when his mother showed up drunk to pick him up from school, he and his siblings were placed into foster care.

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